Carbing Up With Sweet Potatoes aka PLANTS

I've written about this before... You guys know that I am NOT on a low carb diet nor do I follow a low carb lifestyle. I love carbs. Anytime I have tried to cut this macronutrient out of my meals, I CRAVE 'EM, QUIT, and BINGE LIKE CRAZY.

In the last 3 years of working on my health, I've learned that cutting out 1 of the 3 macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat) will help me shed a few pounds for a few days, but the second I start eating them again, the pounds stack on... and sometimes more than what was lost in the first place. I have been perfect with low carb diets or Whole30 for the duration of the diet, but once I decide I am going to eat the "bad" food, I want to eat ALLL of it and feel out of control.

SOOOO instead of doing these diets and hurting ourselves in the long run, why don't we just work on balance NOW. 

So yes, I do eat carbs! I eat more carbs now than I did 3 years ago, and I am a smaller pant size.

I eat more carbs now, and I am happier. 

Let's talk about the quality of carbs though, shall we? 

When I say carbs, I am not talking about bags of potato chips with my lunch, french fries with every dinner, giant buns for burgers, or 3 ladles full of rice.

I'm talking about carbs as close to their most natural state and in reasonable quantities.

I follow the portion fix containers, and I have for the 1.5 years because they work. (They work when you remind yourself this is a normal, healthy way of eating. When you tell yourself this is a diet to lose weight, it's harder. Don't do that! Lifestyle not a diet!)

This is eating REAL FOOD in the portions meant for us. Yes, there is wiggle room for treats, but this is how I eat 90% of the time.

I usually follow the Vegan Meal plan with some meat and cheese here and there.

Guess what! They have you eating carbs! Guess what! I do not track the actual grams of protein or carbs or fat or calories with this. When you believe in something, you do it 100%. If you don't believe and you try to combine calorie counting or Weight Watchers points, it doesn't work. Your mind is focused on a scarcity mindset. THIS is an abundance mindset way of eating. 

We eat these foods to FUEL our bodies. These foods help our bodies move. And NOT the other way around. We aren't moving our bodies to burn these calories. Blah. I'm done with that scarcity mindset. 

Okay, carbs!

I have 3 servings of straight up carbs when I am a normal human. With marathon training, I might up it to 4 and maybe 5 depending on how I am feeling. I've used this system to LEARN about food rather than to follow perfectly to a T and feel like I'm on a diet...


So nachos. OMG.

We have been obsessed with nachos for some time now. And these photos are not treat meals. These follow the Portion Fix way of eating food. 

potato nachos

I've also learned that when I buy a bag of tortilla chips, it is rrrrreally hard for me to not eat nachos every day for 5 days in a row. So I am taking a break on the tortilla chips and recreating nachos with a different carb. A more nutrient-dense carb. A carb that will help my running. A slow-releasing carb.


I love sweet potatoes because they are cheap and easy to cook. They are good all on their own. I sometimes add coconut oil or a little salt, but really, I could eat a sweet potato just by itself.

To make these sweet potato nachos HEALTHY and not go overboard, I use the Portion Fix measurements (see link above) to track how much food I am eating. I use 1 yellow for my sweet potato, 1/2 red for meat, 1/2 red for beans, 1/2 blue for cheese, 1/2 blue for guac.. and salsa is free..

For these sweet potatoes nachos:


sweet potato

1/2 red of Trader Joe's Cuban Black beans (or any)

1/2 red of Beyond Meat Crumbles (or ground turkey or ground beef)

1/2 blue of Vegan cheese (Vegan Valley! NO soy or fake ingredients. Or just use regular cheese!)

Salsa (I used Publix Mango salsa)

1/2 blue Guac (I used Trader Joe's 100 calorie packs)



Slice a sweet potato in thin slices. Microwave for 3 minutes. Flip and do another 3 minutes.

Lay potato slices on a pizza pan and add meat, beans, and cheese and bake for 7 minutes at 400 degrees. Take out and add salsa and guac.

This was the first time we tried vegan cheese. We were fans! BOTH OF US. We will def be creating this again soon, especially with me training for a marathon!! Carby carb carbs.

Counts as 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 blue. :)


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